CTP零件通过三阶段的质量控制检查程序进行,可确保最高质量的一致性并确保为客户提供最大的性能零件。我们提供“具有Value valueed™的质量

Inframe Overhaul Kit


  • 较高的耐用性,可以在维修之间延长寿命
  • Reduced break in oil consumption for greater economy
  • Incredible savings to keep your engine running profitably
  • Inframe Kits may be build to oversize and undersize specifications

All Inframe Kits come complete with:


ABC Gasket Kits

The ABC Gasket Kit Program offers you the following:

  • 1 box instead of 10 boxes
  • Kits are divided and labeled into sub-kits inside the gasket kit box for easy identification
  • 更快的库存营业额
  • 更多的机器覆盖范围,对库存投资的投资较低。(每个特殊套件都涵盖了广泛的序列号)
  • Simplified part number system: A=Out Of Frame, B=In-Frame Overhaul set, C=Multiple Cylinder Head Replacement set
  • All necessary seals and gaskets are included for a particular rebuild (inframe, out of frame or a head gasket set) You will not have to buy unnecessary parts
  • Increased repair efficiency