NTN Bearings from Costex

CTP has been an authorized distributor forNTN Bearingsfor over 20 years. At CTP we have a wide range of NTN Bearings available in stock. Most NTN and all Bower® Tapered, Cylindrical and Spherical roller bearings feature case carburized components. Rings and rollers are made fromcase-hardened alloy steel of Bearing Qualityto provide superior fatigue life and reliability. Check ourNTN bearings cross reference chartfor the part you need today. We feature fast and reliable shipping to all parts of the world.


Most widely used bearings for high precision applications such as aerospace, agriculture, construction and industrial. Ball bearings consist of an inner and outer ring with a cage containing precision balls. We carry Radial Ball bearings and Angular Contact Ball bearings.

Spherical RollerBearings:

Designed for extremely severe applications that must support high loads, contaminated environments, shocks, and vibrations. We carry Stamped Steel Cage and Machined Brass Cage designs to suit your applications. These bearings feature the industry’s highest load rating: a full 18% higher than a standard spherical roller bearing offering a 75% extension of service life.

Tapered RollerBearings:

由4个相互依赖的组件:锥,or inner ring; the cup, or outer ring; the tapered rollers; and the cage, or roller retainer. The taper angles allow the bearing to handle a combination of radial and thrust loads. The greater the cup angle, the greater its thrust load handling capacity.

Cylindrical RollerBearings:

Cylindrical roller bearings have rollers that provide a modified line contact with the cylindrical inner and outer ring raceways, while the rollers are guided by ground ribs. The cylindrical shape allows the inner ring to have axial movement relative to the outer ring. This allows thermal expansion, where both rings must be press-fitted.

Needle RollerBearings:

Needle bearings feature a smaller cross-section, higher load-carrying capacity, greater rigidity, and lower inertia forces that facilitate size and weight reductions in machinery. They are designed to withstand oscillation and perform under severe conditions. Needle roller and cage assemblies are offered in single or double row, full complement or the caged versions, solid or split cage, metric and inch sizes.

NTN Bearings Cross Reference Chart

Part No. Description
06000-06016 球Bearing
06007-06007 球Bearing
06030-06209 球Bearing
06040-06213 球Bearing
06040-06312 球Bearing
06043-06011 球Bearing
1195727 Bearing-Ball Split
1688452 Bearing-Ball Split
1B4102 球Bearing
1T0059 球Bearing
1T0532 球Bearing
1T0610 Bearing-Ball Split
1T0678 球Bearing
2029897 球Bearing
2H4246 球Bearing
3D0053 球Bearing
3K2518 球Bearing
3P0898 球Bearing
3P0951 Bearing Ball Slot Bore
3P0953 Bearing Ball Snap Ring
4F2129 球Bearing
4J0985 球Bearing
4L3220 球Bearing
4M5227 球Bearing
4M5858 球Bearing
5F8651 球Bearing
5K9060 球Bearing
5P1977 球Bearing
5P2448 球Bearing
5P3133 球Bearing
5P3134 球Bearing-SPL
5P5045 球Bearing
5P5410 球Bearing
5P6230 球Bearing
5P9301 球Bearing
6B0924 球Bearing
6V0655 球Bearing
6V9176 球Bearing
7F5153 球Bearing
7F9993 球Bearing
7s3002 球Bearing
7T8816 球Bearing
8F2021 球Bearing
8F4446 球Bearing
8M2031 球Bearing
8M6415 球Bearing
8M6418 球Bearing
8s3517 球Bearing
9M1997 球Bearing
9n1542 球Bearing
951806 Bearing-Spherical
3s4646 Bearing-Spherical
9U8693 Bearing-Spherical
1283936 Bearing Cylindrical Roller
1297859 Bearing RadiaL Cylindrical
1313919 Bearing-Cylindrical Roller
1M3012 Race-Cylindrical
2720741 Cylindrical Roller Bearing
2D5173 Cylindrical Roller Bearing
2H3829 Cylindrical Roller Bearing
2H8270 Cylindrical Roller Bearing
2M2134 Cylindrical Roller Bearing
3L3297 Cylindrical Roller Bearing
3P1911 Cylindrical Roller Bearing
4M8793 Cylindrical Roller Bearing
5B1975 Cylindrical Roller Bearing
5K8592 Cylindrical Roller Bearing
5P1777 Cylindrical Roller Bearing
5P2304 Cylindrical Roller Bearing
6B0133 Race-Cylindrical
6D0722 Race-Cylindrical
6V6654 Cylindrical Roller Bearing
6 y0584 Race-Cylindrical
8B5966 Cylindrical Roller Bearing
8M6407 Cylindrical Roller Bearing
9F7585 Race-Cylindrical
21212 Tapered Cup
1119033 Tapered Cone
1238905 Tapered Cone
1238906 Tapered Cup
1650002 TaPereD
1K7737 Tapered Cone
1K7992 Tapered Cone
1M7912 Tapered Cone
2038609 Tapered Cup
2P8989 Tapered Cup
3436237 Tapered
5D6298 Tapered Cup
5P7843 Tapered Cup
5P9651 Tapered
5P9652 Tapered
6B4370 Tapered Cup
6s3051 Tapered Cup
6V7423 Tapered
711-35-14230 Tapered
940616 Needle Bearing
941542 Needle Bearing
964003 Needle Bearing
1362946 Needle Bearing
1540176 Needle Bearing
1540177 Needle Bearing
1912513 Needle Bearing
1912514 Needle Bearing
1912569 Needle Bearing
1912570 Needle Bearing
1912685 Needle Bearing
1994582 Needle Bearing
1994583 Needle Bearing
2747469 Needle Bearing
2966248 Needle Bearing
3106158 Needle Bearing
3332916 Needle Bearing
7Y0251 Needle Bearing
7Y0252 Needle Bearing
7Y0912 Needle Bearing
7Y1756 Needle Bearing
7Y4269 Needle Bearing
8e5284 Needle Bearing

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